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Re: [ontolog-forum] Proposed schedule for November face-to-face

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Date: Tue, 09 Sep 2003 12:42:42 -0700
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   For the dates below, do you mean 2003.11.05 - 2003.11.08 ?    (01)

Adam    (02)

At 12:26 PM 9/9/2003 -0700, Kurt Conrad wrote:
>Peter and I met with Jon Bosak, chair of the OASIS UBL committee, last 
>Thursday.  We described our interest in conducting a face-to-face meeting 
>in conjunction with the UBL meeting in November.
>Together, we drafted the following schedule and Jon is looking into 
>providing us with a meeting room in San Francisco.
>2003.09.05 (Wednesday)
>   15:00 to 17:00 - Joint session with full UBL committee
>    * Opportunity to report our status and solicit feedback
>   17:30 to 19:00 - Tutorial
>    * A specific topic for this tutorial has not been chosen, but the 
> intent is to do something that would be useful to both the Ontolog and 
> UBL communities.  Something which compares and contrasts the range of 
> formalization approaches was discussed at the meeting.
>2003.09.06 (Thursday)
>   Independent work day
>    * We might be able to organize another joint tutorial during lunch 
> (perhaps something dealing with methodology)
>    * There is a wine and cheese reception Thursday night.  If you are 
> planning to attend, the tradition is to bring a wine from your "native land"
>2003.09.07 (Friday)
>   Independent work day
>    * The UBL team closes their meeting at 13:00
>    * It is not expected that we would be able to conduct another joint 
> session on Friday, but we might be able to recruit individuals to answer 
> specific questions
>2003.09.08 (Saturday)
>   No plans
>    * Jon would not be able to provide us with meeting space on 
> Saturday.  If we wish to continue our meeting, we would need to make 
> other arrangements.
>    * I may have a lead on a conference room in San Francisco, if desired.
>Please post your reactions and comments.
>/s/ kwc 2003.09.09 12:26
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