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Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2003 20:24:47 -0400
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FYI... I think this thread is relevant to the ontolog forum.    (01)

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Subject:        Re: ebXML Registry and SIMILE project?
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Date:   Tue, 24 Jun 2003 09:01:50 -0400
From:   Farrukh Najmi <farrukh.najmi@xxxxxxx>
To:     Butler, Mark <Mark_Butler@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Butler, Mark wrote:    (03)

>Hi Farrukh
>First thanks for bring this to our attention.
>As you may know, one of the stated aims of SIMILE is to explore the
>application of Semantic Web technologies, specifically RDF, to the library
>domain (http://web.mit.edu/simile). I've looked through some of the
>materials you cite on ebXML Registry, and although it does explore some
>similar problems (e.g. taxonomy hosting, dynamic metadata support,
>registration etc) it doesn't appear to use RDF or the Semantic Web. So
>although it might be possible to apply ebXML registries to the SIMILE
>problem domain, unfortunately I don't think we would be fulfilling one of
>our project aims. Of course though this is just my opinion, not sure what
>other team members think?
Hi Mark,    (04)

I agree with your assessment that ebXML Registry version 2.5 currently 
provides generic Content Management (CM) support but does not yet 
provide first class support for Semantic Content Management (SCM) based 
upon RDF and OWL.    (05)

>However I am interested to know if the ebXML registry group has considered
>the use of RDF and other Semantic Web technologies? If so, is there any
>intention to adopt these technologies in the future? What do you think the
>relationship is between the Semantic Web and ebXML registries?
Above are very insightful and thought provoking questions.    (06)

The ebXML Registry standard has plans to align with the W3C Semantic Web 
Activity (SWA) in version 4 with first class support for managing RDF 
and OWL content. In version 3, CM was our focus. In version 4, SCM will 
be the focus.    (07)

We intend to make ebXML Registry a "Semantic Web Server" in future. We 
hope that in this future vision, ebXML Registry will be to the Semantic 
Web what Web Servers are to the Web today.    (08)

In a recent conversation with Eric Miller of SWA I was pleasantly 
surprised at the close alignment in our vision of the future and the 
role of ebXML Registry in the Semantic Web. In fact it was on Eric's 
suggestion that I joined this list to learn more about SIMILE and 
explore potential for collaboration between SIMILE and ebXML Registry.    (09)

IMO, The ebxmlrr project being open source allows a collaborative effort 
to enhance it further to support RDF and OWL ahead of the standard. The 
current ebxmlrr functionality provides a decent functional subtsrate 
upon which to build support for SCM based upon RDF and OWL.    (010)

I hope this collaboration potential is as interesting to the SIMILE 
folks as it is to the ebXML Registry folks. If so we should engage in 
further exploration of the idea.    (011)

Farrukh    (012)

>best regards
>Dr Mark H. Butler
>Research Scientist                HP Labs Bristol
>Internet: http://www-uk.hpl.hp.com/people/marbut/
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>>To: Butler, Mark
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>>Subject: ebXML Registry and SIMILE project?
>>Butler, Mark wrote:
>>>I have come across this page
>>>as it is cited in Heery and Patels' paper "Application 
>>profiles: mixing and
>>>matching metadata schemas" in Ariadne. I am interested in 
>>this area because
>>>I am working on a project with similar aims called SIMILE, see 
>>>Are there any other resources available about this project?  
>>What is the
>>>current status of the project?
>>This is not directly related to DESIRE project so I changed 
>>the subject 
>>to start a new thread...
>>I would like to explore within the SIMILE project the use of 
>>ebxmlrr [1] 
>>which is a royalty free OASIS ebXML Registry standard [2]. A recent 
>>presentation on ebxmlrr from XML Europe 2003 is available [3].
>>The ebXML Registry is a general purpose content management 
>>system. Work 
>>is underway to add first class support for RDF and OWL content.
>>ebxmlrr could potentially be used as a metadata and content 
>>solution in a project such as SIMILE and enhanced based upon project 
>>requirements within open source.
>>Some salient features of the current version of ebxmlrr and ebXML 
>>Registry Standard are:
>>- Registry + Repository
>>- Uniform Identification of any type of objects (urn:uuid:...)
>>- Very few polymorphic verbs (similar to TupleSpaces like Linda, 
>>JavaSpaces, ...).
>>- Polymorphic, extensible and reflective object model
>>- Dynamic metadata support (Slots)
>>- Association between any two objects
>>- Classification of any type of objects
>>- Associations and Classifications are objects
>>- Taxonomy hosting, browsing and validation
>>- Service registration and discovery
>>- Registry packages to group any objects
>>- Event Archiving - complete audit trail
>>- Life cycle management of objects
>>- Flexible query options (Adhoc SQL92, XML Filter Queries)
>>- Cooperating registries (Federation, Replication, Remote 
>>Object references)
>>- Import / Export of registry content
>>- Event Notification
>>- Content management services (pluggable Metadata and 
>>Validation and Cataloging)
>>- Abstract interface  multiple web-based concrete bindings
>>- Concrete bindings for HTTP, SOAP, ebXML Messaging 
>>interfaces to registry
>>- Links to external content
>>- Service interfaces carry XML structures
>>- Security (XML-DSig for authentication, XACML for authorization)
>>- Native language (I18N) support
>>Is there interest in the SIMILE community to epxlore this further? Is 
>>this the appropriate mailing list for this discussion? Thanks.
>>[1] ebxmlrr: Open Source ebXML Registry
>>[2] ebXML Registry Standard
>>http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/regrep/documents/2.5/specs (for 
>>actual specs)
>>http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/regrep/documents/2.5/ (for other 
>>spec related artifacts)
>>[3] Presentations
>(Open Office 1.1)
>http://ebxmlrr.sourceforge.net/presentations/ (other related presentations)
>    (013)

Farrukh    (014)

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