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 > ... relevant to the ontolog forum.    (01)

Yes, indeed. Thank you, Farrukh.  -ppy    (02)

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Farrukh Najmi wrote Tue, 24 Jun 2003 20:24:47 -0400:
> FYI... I think this thread is relevant to the ontolog forum.
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> Subject:     Re: ebXML Registry and SIMILE project?
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> Butler, Mark wrote:
>> Hi Farrukh
>> First thanks for bring this to our attention.     (04)

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> The ebXML Registry standard has plans to align with the W3C Semantic Web 
> Activity (SWA) in version 4 with first class support for managing RDF 
> and OWL content. In version 3, CM was our focus. In version 4, SCM will 
> be the focus.
> We intend to make ebXML Registry a "Semantic Web Server" in future. We 
> hope that in this future vision, ebXML Registry will be to the Semantic 
> Web what Web Servers are to the Web today.
> In a recent conversation with Eric Miller of SWA I was pleasantly 
> surprised at the close alignment in our vision of the future and the 
> role of ebXML Registry in the Semantic Web. In fact it was on Eric's 
> suggestion that I joined this list to learn more about SIMILE and 
> explore potential for collaboration between SIMILE and ebXML Registry.
> IMO, The ebxmlrr project being open source allows a collaborative effort 
> to enhance it further to support RDF and OWL ahead of the standard. The 
> current ebxmlrr functionality provides a decent functional subtsrate 
> upon which to build support for SCM based upon RDF and OWL.
> I hope this collaboration potential is as interesting to the SIMILE 
> folks as it is to the ebXML Registry folks. If so we should engage in 
> further exploration of the idea.
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