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Date: Fri, 16 May 2003 19:06:01 -0700
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fyi ...    (01)

[ thought members here will find this post interesting and 
encouraging.  -ppy ]    (02)

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Subject: RE: [ubl] FYI: Article - OASIS Proposes Standard for Business 
Documents (But will companies adopt common language that crosses 
Date: Sat, 17 May 2003 08:52:56 +1000
From: "Steve Capell" <steve.capell@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: "'Grimley Michael J NPRI'" <GrimleyMJ@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,   "'UBL 
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Here's my take on that article:    (04)

The value of UBL is not in the collection of horizontal documents such
as order & invoice.  The value is in the naming and design rules
methodology that is harmonised with UN/CEFACT core components.  OAG,
xCBL, RosettaNet, and many other horizontal and vertical standards are
also moving toward harminisation of core components.    (05)

The difficulty in cross-industry collaboration is not whether the
document is this format or that (syntax issue) - the real problem is 
in the meaning of the content (semantic issue).  Harmonisation of 
semantics through efforts such as UN/CEFACT core components (and the 
W3C "semantic web" for that matter) is the key to interoperability. 
UBL provides by far the best example of a message construction 
methodology that leads to improved semantic interoperability.    (06)

If all the different industry standards kept their libraries of 
business messages but used the UBL naming & design rules as a 
"reference implementation" as they move towards harmonisation of the 
components (building blocks such as an <address> element) then UBL 
will have been an outstanding success.    (07)

Regards,    (08)

Steve Capell
Sydney, Australia
Tel : +61 410 437854    (09)

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Subject: [ubl] FYI: Article - OASIS Proposes Standard for Business
Documents (Bu t will companies adopt common language that crosses
industries?)    (010)

http://www.sdtimes.com/news/078/story3.htm    (011)

Thank You,
Michael Grimley    (012)

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