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Date: Fri, 25 Apr 2003 11:18:55 -0600
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Ontolog Forum Members,    (01)

I am pleased to announce that the Universal data Element Framework (UDEF)
Ontology and its structured IDs will be an integral part of a Web Services
proof-of-concept demonstration on May 7th at the CompTIA/EIDX Conference,
May 5-8 in Orlando, Florida. I encourage you to attend the conference and to
see  the demonstration first-hand if at all possible. In addition, I will be
providing a 90 minute UDEF tutorial immediately prior to the Web Service
demonstration. The tutorial will describe the UDEF and explain how to map to
the UDEF.  See
http://www.comptia.org/events/get_event.asp?eventid=EIDX200305 for
conference details.    (02)

The UDEF conforms to ISO 11179 and to the ebXML naming convention. The UDEF
structured IDs embedded within XML files as Global Unique ID (GUID)
namespaces will be sent to a Web Service server that performs a compare
function that keys on the IDs and automatically generates a comparison and
gap analysis report. The demo will illustrate a source system (e.g.,
customer) purchase order based on one XML standard such as xCBL and a target
system (e.g., supplier) based on another XML standard such as RosettaNet or
OAGIS. The use of this service by two parties that had never previously
conducted business together would greatly reduce the manual effort typically
required to determine the intersection points and gaps between their two
systems.    (03)

Regards!    (04)

Ronald L. Schuldt
Senior Staff Systems Architect
Lockheed Martin Enterprise Information Systems
11757 W. Ken Caryl Ave. #F521 MP DC5694
Littleton, CO 80127
ron.l.schuldt@xxxxxxxx    (05)

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