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FYI. Mike Uschold brought this to my attention. Sounds comparable to our
effort, no?    (01)

> Eli Israel wrote:
> Apologies for cross-postings.
> Announcing the Semantic Business Model (SBM) Project!
> Semantic World’s Semantic Business Model (SBM) is the international
> open effort to provide authoritative high quality models of common
> aspects of business and specific vertical industries. The models are
> provided in industry standard OWL (Web Ontology Language) format for
> use in introducing Semantic Information Architectures to corporate IT
> and in anticipation of introducing the Semantic Web into industry.
> We are currently looking for industry experts, whether experienced
> modelers or not, who are interested in contributing to the project.
> Contributors receive free training, immediate access to new models,
> access to industry experts, and, of course, credit for the models they
> create.
> The modeling is beginning from the bottom up, with fundamental
> concepts such as money and location.
> The project home is at http://www.SemanticWorld.org/model/index.html.
> Visit us on the show floor of next week's DAMA conference!
> Eli Israel
> www.SemanticWorld.Org    (02)

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