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Date: Sat, 19 Apr 2003 14:47:50 -0400
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FYI.  Still a draft. Might want to contribute.    (01)

Ed Barkmeyer wrote:    (02)

> All,
> I have created a new draft of the form "Business Rules Expression" RFP,
> now called the "Business Semantics of Business Rules" RFP, and Juergen
> has graciously placed it on the OMG server, as br/03-03-03, i.e.
>   http://doc.omg.org/br/03-03-03
> or http://www.omg.org/cgi-bin/doc?br/03-03-01
> This version contains all the changes made at the March (Orlando)
> meeting, plus a few editorial changes recommended by Ron Ross (in a
> marked copy he sent me privately), plus (drafts of) those changes which
> were assigned to me as "homework".
> At the meeting we "resolved" all Issues that I had collected, except for
>   -Issue 21 -- proper reference to the BRG document,
>    and reference to other RFI responses,
> -Issue 31 -- Context of rules and definitions
> -Issue 33 -- relationship of Facts to Vocabulary
> -Issue 36 -- open-world/closed-world
>    (really the last half of Issue 35 in br/03-03-01),
> -Issue 38 -- relationship of Notation to Vocabulary
>    (really the last half of Issue 36 in br/03-03-01)
> and from Ron's markup, I added
> -Issue 39 -- use of "role path"
> and my notes say that Donald still owes us some text for Issue 17 (his
> "homework").
> All of the Issues, resolved and unresolved, are retained in the back of
> the draft, each with the sketched resolution (if any) that was captured
> at the meeting, and usually a reference to the affected section(s).
> br/03-03-03 contains all the change markup from br/03-03-01, and the PDF
> version has that markup in Word2002 (aka WordXP) display form --
> highlighted new text with all the comments and deletions in the margins.
>   I have placed comments in the document that associate changes with
> Issue resolutions.
> There are a number of editorial changes I need to make, in order to
> satisfy OMG "style" requirements.  In addition, we need to add text to
> 6.3 and 6.4 to explain the relationship of the cited documents to the RFP.
> I expect to put a revised version, with editorial changes, on the OMG
> server by 30 April.  Please send recommended editorial changes to me,
> when you can.
> I will also incorporate any further issue resolutions in that draft.
> Please send any issues, recommended resolutions, or other changes to the
> businessrules@xxxxxxx exploder.  This includes re-opening Issues that
> were "resolved", if you don't think they were.  (If you are not a member
> of OMG and cannot send to the exploder, send them to me or Stan Hendryx
> and we will forward them to the exploder.)
> We must have a "penultimate" draft, for review by the OMG Architecture
> Board and possible ballot by the BEI Task Force, on the OMG server by 19
> May.  (During the meeting week, June 3-5, we can make directed repairs
> and vote to release.)
> -Ed
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> and have not been reviewed by any Government authority."    (03)

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