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Re: [ontolog] Large Ontologies in Use

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Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2002 18:29:32 -0500
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Mike    (01)

One interesting ontology with a somewhat different application than most of
what I've been reviewing is the ABC Ontology and Model. It's an international
digital library effort with Cornell Univ. staff working on it for the US.  I'm
attaching a paper by Carl Lagoze (Cornell) and Jane Hunter (DSTC Pty, Ltd,
Australia) for your review of it.    (02)

Regards, Norma    (03)

"Uschold, Michael F" wrote:    (04)

> Can anyone point to some very large ontologies that are in routine use? I
> know there are some in the medical informatics area, but am unsure of what
> they are called.  One is on the order of 35K items, perhaps in genetics.
> If anyone can supply any details I would be grateful.
> Thanks
> Mike Uschold
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