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Understand.  A monday lunchtime meeting is quite different than the extensive agenda I was responding to.


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This subgroup was formed out of a request from the library content group
in the interest of identifying the role of ontological engineering in
our work.

We have set aside monday lunchtime for a presentation from Leo Orbst.
for those interested in developing this, there will also be a tuesday
lunchtime meeting to work up a UBL position paper for this work. a
report on this group will form part of the LCSC report to the closing

We are trying not to interfere with other UBL issues, but there is a
sustained opinion that this work is relevant and of immediate benefit to
UBL. we just need some face to face discussion to develop this to a
point where others can evaluate this position.  the proposed agenda
attempts to accomodate this and i do not belive it will impact on the
other work of UBL teams.

I am confident that we will get value from this and aplogise if it was
presented as something distractive to the group.

CRAWFORD, Mark wrote:

> Let's work this up a little more and try to optimize the
> precious face-time at Minneapolis.


We really nead to make sure our meeting in Minneapolis progresses the
already defined work.  I am afraid that what you are proposing would
significantly impact on that work.  I think you might be better off to
have an ontology meeting outside of the Minneapolis meeting, as I am not
sure that we can spare the resources.. 




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