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[iaoa-general] Public Reports IAOA-EC Meetings n.89 - n.92, Thu 2013.10.

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Date: Fri, 6 Dec 2013 23:40:53 +0100
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Dear IAOA members and followers,    (01)

I apologize that recent Public Reports have not been delivered in a timely
manner. Please find below the Public Reports of the IAOA Executive Council
meetings n.89 to n.92, covering the last four meetings, which took place
between Oct 17 and Nov 28, 2013.    (02)

The past Public Reports are collected at
http://www.iaoa.org/iaoaorga/reports/reports.html    (03)

Feel free to contact the Association if you have
any question by emailing to:   info@xxxxxxxx    (04)

Best regards,
Frank Loebe
on behalf of IAOA EC    (05)

---    (06)

Eighty-ninth meeting of the IAOA Executive Council (EC)
Virtual Meeting of 17 Oct 2013    (07)

John Bateman
Michael Gruninger (chair)
Marion Haemmerli  (designated EC member)
Janna Hastings    (designated EC member)
Oliver Kutz
Frank Loebe
Fabian Neuhaus
Leo Obrst
Laure Vieu    (08)

The EC members who are elected for their first time (Marion Haemmerli and
Janna Hastings) will take position from January 2014, but are formally
invited to participate in this and all subsequent EC meetings of 2013. The
current EC welcomes and congratulates them, and thanks all candidates of
this EC election and the overall membership for participation.     (09)

Laure View has announced that she will not be able to continue her position
as IAOA treasurer in 2014. The treasurer's main duties are related to
updating the member's register and to follow accounting regulations
according the Italian law. One option that the EC is considering is to look
for an external service for the accounting aspects. Related to this, the EC
is planning to move the official location of the IAOA to a country where
administration can be kept in English. In considering this option, the EC
will also take into account financial and formal constrictions.     (010)

The Chair positions of the Education Committee are vacant. The EC will
contact a few possible candidates to ensure that the current initiatives
will be continued.    (011)

The Design Semantics SIG had submitted a proposal for a first general
meeting of the SIG. The IAOA appreciates the initiative anew. A budget for
deciding about possible funding remains to be presented.    (012)

The EC is pleased to announce the co-chairs for the next workshop Formal
Ontologies Meet Industry (FOMI) in 2014. Vinay Chaudhri and Alexandre
Rademaker have agreed to each serve in this role. A first virtual meeting is
to be arranged in the nearer future and a liaison EC member needs to be
determined.     (013)

The organization of FOIS 2014 is proceeding with the invitations of keynote
speakers. The EC thanks Kit Fine and Nicola Guarino who have already
accepted.    (014)

There is a funding request by the Square of Opposition, an IAOA Supported
Event. The IAOA will fund at most 3 student grants for 250 Euro each. The
students receiving IAOA grants should be granted free registration to the
EC liaison: Oliver Kutz; 
Member Champion: Jean-Yves Beziau (IAOA membership requested)    (015)

(End of Report)    (016)

---    (017)

Ninetieth meeting of the IAOA Executive Council (EC)
Virtual Meeting of 31 Oct 2013    (018)

John Bateman    
Stefano Borgo
Michael Gruninger (chair)
Janna Hastings    (designated EC member)
Oliver Kutz
Frank Loebe
Fabian Neuhaus
Leo Obrst
Laure Vieu    (019)

The proposal for a teleconference to initiate a Semantic Web Applied
Ontology SIG has received positive feedbacks. The meeting will be scheduled
for Monday Nov 18 or Nov 25.     (020)

According to the IAOA Statute and Bylaws, some members of the EC are elected
every year. Due to this yearly renewal, it is proposed that President,
Vice-President and Secretary are also elected yearly within the EC. In this
way, it is ensured that these officers are fully representative of the
members. The EC will take a decision, including the possibility to update
the Bylaws on this issue, at the next meeting.    (021)

As announced, Laure Vieu will resign from treasurer in 2014. She will stay
in the position up to the end of April 2014.
The EC is currently collecting information about: (a) possible candidates
for the position assuming the IAOA remains under the Italian laws (requires
knowledge of Italian), (b) the possibility to have an external service for
the accounting, (c) possibilities to move the IAOA to another country where
management can be conducted in English.    (022)

The EC mailing list (iaoa-council) administration guidelines have been
revised: the recipients include current and designated (i.e. elected, but
not yet in charge) EC members and, possibly, other figures for technical/
relevant reasons (to be motivated).
People that can send messages to the EC mailing list: all current and
designated EC members, Advisory Board members, closely involved EC contacts
(like Committee or SIG chairs), other figures for technical/ relevant
reasons (to be motivated).    (023)

The Secretary received a request for a research internship at IAOA. Since
the Association is not directly involved in research projects, the EC
decided that internships of this kind are not made available by IAOA. In
cases like this, the Secretary will suggest the requester to write targeted
inquiries, e.g. directly to institutes/ universities connected to IAOA.    (024)

(End of Report)    (025)

---    (026)

Ninety-first meeting of the IAOA Executive Council (EC)
Virtual Meeting of 14 Nov 2013    (027)

John Bateman     (chair)
Marion Haemmerli (designated EC member)
Janna Hastings   (designated EC member)
Oliver Kutz
Frank Loebe
Fabian Neuhaus
Laure Vieu    (028)

The discussion about relocating the IAOA to another country was continued.
During the meeting Switzerland emerged as an option with an interesting
balance in terms of regulations, tax issues (VAT) and accounting. A
translation of the Bylaws might be needed depending on the canton. Other
options, e.g. Canada, Germany, and the U.S., have also been considered, but
have shown obstacles such as language or financial issues. The EC decided to
investigate the modalities in Switzerland further. A possible time for an
official membership decision about moving the Association could be spring
2014 when there will be the vote on the IAOA budget.    (029)

In order to simplify the annual membership renewal process, the EC considers
offering automatic yearly renewal as an option at the time of registration.
The treasurer will verify the technical and financial aspects. This
investigation is to be conducted and completed in parallel to IAOA's
possible relocation.     (030)

Accordingly, the option of default renewal is not applicable for the
official renewal phase in Dec 2013 and Jan 2014, for membership in 2014.
This approaching renewal phase is currently being prepared at the IAOA
website, including the novel option of institutional membership as decided
in EC meetings n.85 on Aug 22 [1] and n.86 on Sep 05 [2].    (031)

Two candidates have already agreed to co-chair the IAOA Education Committee.
The EC is considering whether to include another person due to the spectrum
of activities in this committee.     (032)

The organizers of the first Design Semantics SIG event, to be held in 2014,
are preparing a complete budget for the next EC meeting.    (033)

The FOIS organizers have identified a candidate as third keynote speaker.
The EC agreed with the choice. There was further an update on an inquiry for
co-located workshops.    (034)

[1] public report of meeting n.85, Aug 22, 2013
    http://ontolog.cim3.net/forum/iaoa-member/2013-09/msg00002.html    (035)

[2] public report of meeting n.86, Sep 05, 2013
    http://ontolog.cim3.net/forum/iaoa-member/2013-09/msg00057.html    (036)

(End of Report)    (037)

---    (038)

Ninety-second meeting of the IAOA Executive Council (EC)
Virtual Meeting of 28 Nov 2013    (039)

John Bateman
Stefano Borgo
Michael Gruninger   (chair)
Giancarlo Guizzardi
Oliver Kutz
Frank Loebe
Fabian Neuhaus
Laure Vieu    (040)

The Design Semantics SIG is organizing an important meeting in the early
summer of 2014. A preliminary budget has been presented. The IAOA will
support the initiative by providing funding for traveling of up to 2 keynote
speakers and up to 3 students. IAOA funding for this event will be limited
to a maximum of 3.000 Euro. The financial management of the event remains
the responsibility of the event organizers. A revised budged including IAOA
support will be reviewed for confirmation at the next EC meeting.    (041)

At the next EC meeting a preliminary budget plan for 2014 is to be
discussed, especially with suggestions of which amounts of money should be
reserved for the different types of initiatives (flagship events, SIG
meetings, sponsoring of regular IAOA Supported Events etc.)    (042)

The organization of FOIS 2014 proceeds as expected. At the moment the
organizers are finalizing the choices of keynote speakers and co-located
workshops.    (043)

The 2014 IAOA Summer School has a website now: http://iaoa.org/isc2014/     (044)

A report surveying the Workshop on Modular Ontologies (WoMO) 2013 has been
posted in the IAOA blog:
http://iaoablog.blogspot.de/2013/11/the-7th-international-workshop-on.html     (045)

The theme of the 2014 Ontology Summit is "Semantic Web, Big Data, and
Applied Ontology". The IAOA President, Michael Gruninger, is co-chairing the
summit. After a virtual planning session on Dec 5, the official launch event
of this summit will be in January 2014.    (046)

On Nov 25, 2013, there was a first virtual meeting for the formation of a
new IAOA SIG on Semantic Web and Applied Ontology. The EC was pleased to
hear that about 40 people attended the online meeting.    (047)

In the following days the Infrastructure Committee will test the system for
the 2014 membership renewal.    (048)

(End of Report)    (049)

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