Ontology for Big Systems


A total of thirteen virtual and one face-to-face (though supporting remote access) sessions were conducted. Most sessions included presentations given by a variety of experts on issues related to the track topic. Sessions are organized by track below:
Date Title Chairs Panelists
2012_01_12 "Ontology for Big Systems" - Launch Event NicolaGuarino & LeoObrst
2012_01_19 "Ontology for Big Systems: What's In Scope?" LeoObrst & NicolaGuarino
2012_03_29 "Organizing the 'Big' Communique" ToddSchneider & AliHashemi OntologySummit2012 chairs & champions
2012_04_05 Pre-symposium preparation & Communique Review-II MichaelGruninger & ToddSchneider & AliHashemi
Tracks 1&2 - Big Systems Engineering

Date Title Chairs Panelists
2012_01_26 Track-1&2: "Ontology for Big Systems & Systems Engineering - I : The Systems and Systems Engineering Problem Space" MatthewWest JackRing, AnatolyLevenchuk, GiancarloGuizzardi, MatthewWest
2012_02_02 Track-1&2: "Ontology for Big Systems & Systems Engineering - II : a response to the problem space and setting out the working program for this Summit Track" HensonGraves LeoObrst, VictorAgroskin, ChrisPartridge, DavidLeal, ElisaKendall, joined by the panelists of 2012_01_26
2012_03_22 Track-1&2: "Big Systems: The ontology of System Components, and System Modelling Language Requirements" MatthewWest NicolaGuarino, ChrisPartridge, DavidLeal (presented by MatthewWest) & HensonGraves