Wolfram|Alpha    (1X8F)

From StephenWolfram's Blog dated 5-Mar-2009: "Some might say that Mathematica and A New Kind of Science (NKS) are ambitious projects. But in recent years I’ve been hard at work on a still more ambitious project—called Wolfram|Alpha. ... It’s certainly the most complex project I’ve ever undertaken. Involving far more kinds of expertise—and more moving parts—than I’ve ever had to assemble before. And, like Mathematica or NKS, the project will never be finished. But I’m happy to say that we’ve almost reached the point where we feel we can expose the first part of it. It’s going to be a website: www.wolframalpha.com. With one simple input field that gives access to a huge system, with trillions of pieces of curated data and millions of lines of algorithms."    (1X8G)

The following are some exchange that began on the [ ontolog-forum ] mailing list, notably beginning with a thread started by JohnSowa and several follow-on threads:    (1X8H)

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                                & http://ontolog.cim3.net/forum/ontolog-forum/2009-05/msg00007.html    (1X8I)

DougLenat has agreed to help invite StephenWolfram over to speak at one of the forthcoming virtual Ontolog Invited Speaker sessions. ... Please look out for the announcement on the exact date this will happen!    (1X8J)

In the mean time, community members, please (as JohnSowa suggested) add questions you may have for StephenWolfram, please add them below, so as to give StephenWolfram some idea of the kinds to topics to address.    (1X8K)

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