UpperOntologySummit - Organizing Committee Kick-off Meeting 2005-12-08    (IGY)

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Attendees    (IH5)

Agenda Ideas    (IHF)

Agenda & Proceedings    (IHL)

1) Welcome & confirmation of agenda    (IHM)

2) Appointment of secretary to take minutes    (IHO)

3) Roll-call of participants - see above    (IHQ)

4) Communications, logistics, & work protocols issues - more discussion below    (IHR)

5) refer to last week's discussion at: http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?ConferenceCall_2005_12_01#nidIAJ    (II0)

6) More discussion on agenda item #4:    (IIV)

7) Some discussion on organization & candidate panelists: (discussion will need to continue next week)    (IIZ)

8) Goals for the summit:    (IJC)

Pat: We should try to get each of the "custodians" of the leading existing upper ontologies, to agree to a subset of the intersection of these ontologies. Some have said they are willing to change parts of their existing ontologies. The vision: you could have fairly simple ontologies in, say, OWL which would be consistent with, and convertible to, this subset. This would allow people to migrate from one to another, secure in the knowledge that they are interoperable. So, the goal for the summit would be to get the participants to agree to the vision as described above. See Pat's long private email on this subject.    (IJD)

Peter: The tangible output could be a joint communique articlating this vision, and possibly a timeline. What we are trying to get is the commitment of the major players.    (IJE)

Peter reiterated his stated goals for the summit as described earlier    (IJQ)

9) Other business    (IJG)

10) Next meeting date and adjournment    (IJJ)

 minutes captured in real time on this wiki by SteveRay / 2005.12.08-5:02pm EST    (IJM)