SOCoP holds monthly meetings. Preliminary agendas are usually available 3 days before meetings and meeting minutes are usually available within 4-5 of a meeting.    (27CR)

The latest meeting was held Wed. June 14 See Meeting_2011_06_15    (2VC8)

Minutes from May 25, 20011 2010. See Meeting_2011_05_25    (2V8C)

Revised minute for April. 15, 2010. See Meeting_2011_04_20    (2V8E)

Revised minute for March. 15, 2010. See Meeting_2011_03_16    (2V8F)

Revised minute for Feb. 15, 2010. See Meeting_2011_02_16    (2V8G)

Revised minute for Jan. 15, 2010. See Meeting_2011_01_19    (2V8D)

Revised minute for Dec. 15, 2010. See /SocopMeetingpage_2010_12_15    (2KPK)

Revised minutes for Nov . 2010 are at /SocopMeetingpage_2010_11_17    (2KPI)

Revised minutes for Oct . 2010 are at /SocopMeetingpage_2010_10_20    (2KPJ)

Revised minutes for Sept. 2010 are at /SocopMeetingpage_2010_09_22 (formerly /SocopMeetingpage_09_22_2010)    (2IH0)

Slides for the Demo under development by Todd Pehle are available at:    (2IK4)

Minutes are available for August /SocopMeetingpage_2010_08_25, formerly /SocopMeetingpage_08_25_2010, July /SocopMeetingpage_2010_07_21 formerly/SocopMeetingpage_07_21_2010.    (2CRB)

Draft minutes for June 30th, 2010 are available at/SocopMeetingpage_2010_06_30 formerly /SocopMeetingpage_06_30_2010    (2F0F)

Earlier meeting minutes are also available:    (2F0G)

April at /SocopMeetingpage_2010_04_21 formerly /SocopMeetingpage_04_21_2010    (2F1S)

March at /SocopMeetingpage_2010_03_17_ formerly /SocopMeetingpage_03_17_2010    (2IUK)

(No meetings were held in May and June due to community involvement in Demonstration and OGC Geo-Seantics Summit activities.)    (2F1T)

Agendas and minutes are also available on the SOCop-Forum. See    (2BWA)

Supporting slides on Planing for 2010 will also soon be available on these pages.    (2BWB)

Earlier Meetings    (2IXF)

The minutes of the February meeting are available at /SocopMeetingpage_2010_02_17 formerly /SocopMeetingpage_02_17_2010    (29S4)

The minutes for the January meeting is available at/SocopMeetingpage_2010_01_20 agenda is at /SocopMeetingpage_01_20_2010.    (27CS)

Minutes from the Dec. 2009 SOCoP meeting are available at /SocopMeetingpage_minutes_2009_12_19 formerly SocopMeetingpage_minutes_12_19_2009.    (27DA)

As needed working sessions are held with sub-groups of the community to advance topics, projects and demonstrations.    (27CV)

For more information, contact the SOCoP Executive Secretary - Dr. Gary Berg-Cross via email to: gbergcross [at]    (388O)