SOCoP Body-of-Knowledge (BoK) Project    (4ESC)

Of relevance here, the Geographic Information Science and Technology (GIS&T) Body of Knowledge (BoK) divides the GIScience discipline into knowledge areas and further divides it into training units to provide a guide for their ontology effort for GIScience. The University Consortium of GIScience (UCGIS) is currently working to enhance the SOCoP_BoK to be SOCoP_BoK2. Because the area of geospatial semantics pre-dates the original effort to create the SOCoP_BoK, as part of educational aspect of the NSF SOCoP INTEROP project,Gary Berg-Cross has sketched out where material on geospatial semantics should be included in the SOCoP_BoK, as follows.    (4EW8)

Starting a Conversation on Improved Semantics and Ontology for the SOCoP_BoK and SOCoP_BoK2 Efforts as Part of the NSF SOCoP INTEROP Educational Component by Gary Berg-Cross    (4ESD)

The GIS&T Body of Knowledge (BoK) is available to order as a book at or also available at The SOCoP_BoK was developed by the University Consortium of GIScience (UCGIS) and outlines knowledge areas relevant to Geographic Information Science (GIScience). The following is a first attempt to add the new area of geospatial semantics to the existing SOCoP_BoK.    (4ESE)

The following are some very preliminary ideas noted on possible areas to add more semantics and ontology topics and or the skills noted. Refining the language of inserted material or the organization has not yet been done. The intent is for the following to be a useful start going forward and provide something that can be added to and edited.    (4ESF)

Inserts are noted by the orange text color with some annotation (italics on the wiki).    (4ESG)

Skills    (4ESX)

Example skills    (4EUL)