OntologySummit2013: (Track-D) "Software Environments for Evaluating Ontologies" Community Input    (3K9U)

Track Co-champions: MichaelDenny, KenBaclawski & PeterYim    (3KAH)

Mission Statement:    (3K9V)

Through this track, we aim to coordinate the following: T    (3K9W)

see also: OntologySummit2013_Software_Environments_For_Evaluating_Ontologies_Synthesis    (3K9X)

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OntologySummit2013 Hackathon-Clinic Contributor confcall (n.05) - Fri 2013.03.19    (3OQ0)

Agenda Idea:    (3OQC)

Ref.    (3OQH)

Agenda & Proceedings:    (3OQK)

1. Roll call, review and adopt agenda.    (3OQN)

2. Collaboratively align and tweak the projects and the teams, so we pare the number down to a few very interesting projects to work on, during the (community picked) Hackathon-Clinics weekends.    (3OQO)

3. Picking the dates of the Hackathon-Clinics weekend(s) and scheduling projects to those dates    (3OQP)

we will assume that each project will take up one day (the Saturday will be the main event day, the Sunday will be an optional extension day, if the team wants to spend more time finishing up.)    (3OUC)

4. Prepare for the Thu 2013.03.28 - session-11 - Getting the "hackathon," "clinics" and related activities going virtual session    (3OQT)

5. Discussing next steps on rolling out the OntologySummit2013 Hackathon-Clinics;    (3OQU)

6. Any other business    (3OQV)

7. Follow-up, next meeting, adjournment.    (3OQX)

 -- session ended: 10:32 am PDT --    (3OQZ)

OntologySummit2013 Hackathon-Clinic Proposal confcall (n.04) - Fri 2013.03.05    (3NYL)

Ref. Call for Proposals to the the "hackathon" and "clinics" activities - http://ontolog.cim3.net/forum/ontology-summit/2013-02/msg00056.html    (3NYU)

Agenda Idea:    (3NYV)

Ref. 2013.02.21 presentation on the "Hackathon-Clinics" Approach, and the 2013.03.01 clarification    (3NZ0)

Agenda & Proceedings:    (3NYZ)

1. Roll call, review and adopt agenda.    (3O4J)

2. Taking inventory on candidate projects, and Q&A ...    (3O4K)

3. Possible coordination to make as many of these projects into reality as we can    (3O4N)

4. Reviewing the Calendar again - slides#13:    (3O4O)

5. Any other business    (3O54)

6. Action items    (3O56)

7. Follow-up, next meeting, adjournment    (3O58)

 -- session ended: 8:30 am PST --    (3O5A)

OntologySummit2013 Survey and Website sub-team confcall (n.03) - Fri 2013.02.22    (3N8H)

Ref. 2013.02.15 organizing committee discussion: http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?OntologySummit2013/GettingOrganized#nid3M2R    (3N8R)

Agenda & Proceedings:    (3N8U)

1. Roll call, review and adopt agenda.    (3N8V)

2. 2013-Survey design, implementation and deployment discussion - we want to come away with a plan for: (ref.)    (3N8W)

3. Website design, implementation and deployment discussion    (3N91)

4. Any other business    (3N92)

5. Action items    (3N94)

6. Follow-up, next meeting, adjournment    (3NIA)

 -- session ended: 7:57am PST --    (3NIC)

OOR OntologySummit2013 Hackathon-Clinic Team Meeting (n.02) - Tue 2013.02.05    (3MKW)

Full details at: OOR/ConferenceCall_2013_02_05    (3ML0)

Software for Ontology Evaluation: Exploratory Meeting - Fri 2013.01.25    (3L88)

Conference call details:    (3L89)

Agenda & Proceedings:    (3L8N)

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 [ chat transcript ]    (3L8P)
 session adjourned: 9:10 am PST
 notes taken by: PeterYim / 2013.01.25-9.14am PST
 All participants, please review and edit to enhance accuracy and granularity of the documented proceedings.    (3L8Y)