OpenOntologyRepository: OOR Team Conference Call - Fri 2010-03-12    (2AXX)

This is a special meeting to help gain shared understanding on what the OOR team plans to do with the upcoming "OOR Content" panel session(s).    (2BT1)

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notes below are from previous sessions, and will be updated as this meeting progresses ...    (2AZ9)

	PeterYim: "Do we upload other people's ontologies?" .... Peter: I suggest we *don't* do it at all 
	(and don't even try to "mislead" people into believing that someone on the OOR team will do so ... we 
	have to convince the stewards of the ontologies to join us on the team and to upload the ontologies 
	themselves AND, more importantgly, to *maintain* them afterwards    (2BT9)
	MichaelGruninger: The link to COLORE is    (2BTA)
	MichaelGruninger:    (2BTB)
	Ali Hashemi: Regarding how ontologies are connected    (2BTC)
	Ali Hashemi: At least three types of connections -- 1) Syntactic 2) Language Translation 3) Semantic    (2BTD)
	Pat Cassidy: What other ontology repositories currently exist? Anyone have a list?    (2BTE)
	Ali Hashemi:    (2BTF)
	Ali Hashemi:    (2BTG)
	PeterYim: Projects that use Protege:    (2BTH)
	PeterYim: Protege Ontologies Library:    (2BTI)
	PeterYim: also (more up-to-date):    (2BTJ)
	PeterYim: we need early-adopters ... so maybe we should "target" certain folks    (2BTK)
	PeterYim: if your approach and Denise are diverse enough, Pat, you might consider running separate 
	session ... so that each of your session(s) can be run in a way each of you feel most comfortable    (2BTL)
	PeterYim: Pat reckons that the Mar-25 will most likely be postponed    (2BTM)
	PeterYim: Ken & Todd's "Use Cases" panel session will stay as scheduled - Thu 1-Apr-2010    (2BTN)
	PeterYim: Make reference to: ... or 
	...    (2BTO)
	Ali Hashemi: Thanks all. Take care    (2BTP)

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 notes taken by: PeterYim / 2010.03.12-10:30am PST
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