OntologySummit2009 Final Sync-up before (Apr-6 & 7) F2F Workshop - Thu 2009-04-02    (1TSD)

2009_04_02 - Thursday: final sync-up meeting for the OntologySummit2009_Symposium (F2F workshop) logistics and preparation, for all organizers and participants - ConferenceCall_2009_04_02 T    (1TSE)

Session Chair: Dr. SteveRay (General Chair, OntologySummit2009)    (1V39)

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Attendees    (1V4A)

Agenda Ideas    (1V4J)

Resources    (1V4L)

Agenda & Proceedings    (1V4R)

1. Meeting called to order:    (1VYG)

2. Roll Call:    (1VYK)

3. Discussion:    (1V4S)

4. Any other business    (1VYM)

5. Adjourn - 11:29 am PDT    (1VYN)

 notes taken by: PeterYim / 2009.04.02-11:30 am PDT
 All participants, please review and edit to enhance accuracy and granularity  of the documented proceedings.    (1VYO)