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[socop-forum] Draft agenda for SOCoP Meeting - Wed. January 18th, 2012

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From: Gary Berg-Cross <gbergcross@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2012 09:06:59 -0500
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Our first telecon meeting of 2012 is scheduled for this Wednesday.

We will be using our "new"  Teleconference # for this Nov 2011 session (thanks to Ontolog) which is:

1 (206) 402-0100 (long distance cost will apply) ...

[ backup nbr: (415) 671-4335 ]  

and on the prompt you can enter   PIN: 141184#

 We expect to roughly divide the meeting into 2 parts.  The first part will be devoted to general SOCoP topics

such as planning for the new year based on the experience of the previous year, general announcements  and

any other topics of general interest.

Among the topics here is possible support organizing and conducting a VoCamp-like unconference at WHERECON (April 12th).

A more detailed telecon has been set up for the following day (Thursday) on the possible session if people are interested in this topic.

Other topics include the VoCamp in Feb. at UCSB and the Ontology Summit at NIST in April.

The remaining time will be devoted to INTEROP project topics such as:

  • the upcoming NSF workshop,
  • planning for INTEROP workshops
  •  Update on the OOR and candidate ontologies for populating it
  •  Update on plans for an improved WebSite  etc.           

Comments, corrections and additions can be sent to me at gbergcross@xxxxxxxxx

Gary Berg-Cross, Ph.D.  
SOCoP Executive Secretary
Knowledge Strategies    
Potomac, MD

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