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SOCoP Meeting Minutes from  Wednesday SOCoP Meeting Feb 16 2011 from

11:00 - 12:00 EDT



Attendees/Participants: Gary Berg-Cross (Knowledge Strategies), Peter Yim (cim3),

 Nancy Wiegand (U of Wisconsin), Mike Dean (BBN Tech),  James Wilson (James Madison U) Ola Alquist (Ohio State U), Dalia Veranka (USGS), Xavier Lopez (Oracle), Carl Diebert (Sandia Labs)


1. The first topic was an Update from people who have been working on INTEROP


 Gary and James provided an update on the DC meeting at  UCGIS with Sean Ahearn and the 2 year BoK2 project. They are ahead of us in that they started in Sept and had a kickoff in San Diego in Nov. Various folks presented there, but they are still figuring out how to proceed. Sean is personally  interested in going forward together (sooner rather than later) and leveraging each other’s work.  He will discuss the idea with his team of co-PIs. The grand concept is that they, we and Shaown Wang with his CyberGIS project might each have a silo of work which might be integrated to a degree and if we show mutual progress we might go back together in 2 years (Sept 2012) for a multi-million dollar grant…One thing that we talked about is using some of his members as domain people for us and perhaps having a joint workshop.  An attraction is that we have some funds to support their time at our workshop.


One big issue for them is the use of ontologies for BoK2 which we may be able to help with.  He was interested in our input and our ideas of our Framework for GS ontologies.  Note. since they are working on the curriculum level more interested in knowledge organizing ideas of educational material using ontology and we a bit more on the finer, data side,  but there is overlap. For example in our early sessions with domain folks we can capture some curriculum ideas as we think about representing domain knowledge.  The understanding we get from our knowledge engineering efforts may be of use in identifying some of the curriculum topics and relations between different fields maybe even helping to structure them. He explained that his current phase of work is only to lay the conceptual groundwork for a future BoK2.  We might actually do some more to help but using their framework and populating a small piece from our use case and ontology work.

Another synergy is the use of tools.  I mentioned the use of the OOR which might be very helpful for them and add to our resources.  In addition Hubzero may be of interest to Sean and Shaown.  Nancy will ask Shaown if he is aware of Hubzero


One possible thing was meeting and conferring at AAG in April.  He mentioned Wednesday (13th)  as a possible day. Who will be there? James plans to be there.  Nancy’s session is on Friday at 1.

One thing to discuss is of  some of their members would participate in one or more of our workshop since we have some travel funds.


Nancy, asked if anything written on what they are doing?  We might ask before or at the AAG. James provided a link to a description at


Peter noted that a major reinstall (fresh start) of the sandbox is coming up at Friday’s OOR meeting. Because of this all current ones will be purged , which shouldn’t be too much of a problem for us since we have copies that we can reload.  Some other things imported from the BioPortal and they don’t want us to do this again.  We should check with authors if we want some selective items to import. We have till Friday to do that. Gary looked at the list and proposed an interest in the following that were not placed by us:

Basic RDF Geo Vocabulary (wgs84_pos) Dan Brickley

GEO_2007   Josh Lieberman

Simple Part-Whole Relations  Chris Welty



We didn’t do much since there wasn’t a category of geospatial to load things into.  Mike will check with them on making more subjects.  Do we need subcategories?  Probably but this in not currently supported.


Nancy noted some of her upcoming activities (WLIA, ASPRS, DG, potential ACM GIS workshop) and  provided an update on REU.  She is still working through how this since no one knew how to do this.   Mimi McClure mailed that we can only submit an REU for 1 year.  So we are still revising the budget down to one year.

James asking if we can hire more people since we have only 6 months of this year?  Nancy was sure that we will ask for 12 months starting March 1 or April 1. Mimi said that we have to resubmit each year, but it is likely we would get those follow on years.


2. HUBzero

Nancy said that she is looking at HUBzero as a Portal aid. UW wants people to experiment with this for a year. We can get an instance but need to decide how and what layout to use for what tabs we want etc.  They will set up an instance for us given a design.

Gary was favorable to trying to use looking if they will take on some admin things.

We want to put demos on it, Shaowen Wang’s code for example. Mike did look at some of the application development and thought that HUBzero might be a good host for web based apps (Snoggle, one of our target tools, is set to be downloaded and not web based…)


3. Use Cases

Nancy wants to start compiling a list of use cases.   We still don’t have a well defined use case.  We can start by consolidating use cases we already have. We should start a document, and send this to Nancy. It can be short list for now, which we can expand later.           

E.g., land use codes, Ola- land cover, MMI, CUAHSI, ICAN, Naijun demo work, SSEC?  Luis’s work with OGC on coastal issues might provide a use case. So Ola might describe the Land Use problem and how they might be elaborated. Dalia might have a Land Use Case too.


We also should be gathering solutions.  We already have or solutions could get going on.    We can look at examples we already have or know about regarding semantic domain needs even if this is not geospatial.  Nancy proposed that maybe we can back up a bit and firmer footing of what has been tried.  Maybe we should explore the medical ontology work to get examples to show others the value of using ontologies and also perhaps as models for our geospatial use of ontologies. 


Nancy had another questions - Is there a way for people to edit a visual sub-graph over the Web easily? Is Snoggle a good tool to use for such work? Xavier had a good collaborative candidate Knoodl which is online (see  Mike has used it and thinks it a good candidate.  Ola worked with another tool. 


James noted that the BoK project has a goal to visualize ontologies and these tools may help.


4. GeoSparql


Xavier updated status on geoSparql which is going out for review.

This will include an ontological and rdf version for geo-features and geo-relations. This should be a good base for work.


The next meeting is targeted for March 16, 2011


Gary Berg-Cross, Ph.D.  
SOCoP Executive Secretary
Knowledge Strategies    
Potomac, MD

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