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Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2010 10:26:19 -0400
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Krzysztof Janowicz (Penn State added this information on remote
sensing information too late to be incuded in the minutes.    (01)

The group I mentioned that is working on a semantic-enabled version of
OGC's Sensor Web Enablement is the W3C Semantic Sensor Network
Incubator Group. We also have a wiki that contains materials, talks,
links to ontologies, and so forth: . One of the key
deliverables is a Sensor and Observations Ontology based on OGC's O&M
and SensorML. Besides the Semantic Sensor Web, we also started to work
on Linked Data and sensors in the W3C group. There will be a workshop
on both topics at ISWC 2010, see . Together with
some colleagues from University of Muenster and 52North we have just
published a paper that gives a brief overview and discusses some key
challenges. The paper is entitled 'Towards Meaningful URIs for Linked
Sensor Data' and available online at: . The workshop that
was mentioned during the meeting is the 'Linked Spatiotemporal Data'
Workshop at GIScience 2010 : .    (02)

Gary Berg-Cross,Ph.D.
SOCoP Executive Secretary
Knowledge Strategies
Semantic Technology
Potomac, MD
240-426-0770    (03)

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