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[socop-forum] Dedicated Session on Ontologies at AGU meeting

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Dear Forum members and “Ontologists”


I would like to draw your attention to a special session at the AGU Fall meeting


IN09:  Use of Ontologies in Earth Science Informatics



Ontologies have increasingly become a more common sight in a number of earth science informatics applications. They have been utilized for different purposes, for example to mediate between semantic heterogeneities or knowledge representations that can either be reasoned from or queried against. This session aims at bringing together researchers that have made use of ontologies in a variety of scenarios and how ontologies have been embedded in larger systems in which they fulfill a specific purpose. The session is not limited to applications only but also invites contributions that deal with ontology visualization, ontology growth and maturation based on community input and development, and also how ontologies can be interacted with and how they are being implemented.


and at the same time like you to consider joining us in December 13-17 in SF. The deadline for abstracts is September 2nd (coming up soon!). The abstract submission site can be reached at,/abstract_submissions.php


with additional information on the meeting one level up.



The conveners


Michael Piasecki

Rob Raskin

Ilya Zaslavsky






Michael Piasecki, PhD
Associate Professor
Dept. of Civil, Architectural & Environmental Engrg.
Drexel University
3141 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Tel: 215-895-1721
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Email: Michael.Piasecki@xxxxxxxxxx


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