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[oor-nsf07601] Updated project description

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From: Ken Baclawski <kenb@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 6 Nov 2008 09:02:09 -0500 (EST)
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Thanks for all of the corrections.  I have attached the latest copy. 
Check that your edits are included.    (01)

Mike, you wrote:    (02)

"I notice that neither I nor BBN are mentioned in the Project Description,
which might lead reviewers to question our role.  Given the application
rather than technology focus, I don't see an obvious place to add it.
Hopefully the bio-sketch will be sufficient to address our contributions."    (03)

I would prefer that both you and BBN be mentioned in the Project 
Description.  How about adding something to the "Engage at the frontiers 
of science and engineering research and education" section?  Could you 
expand slightly on "he will be engaging in research on federation among 
OOR and non-OOR registries, repositories, and collaborative development 
environments (including Semantic MediaWiki)." which I already have in the 
Key Personnel document?  We don't have much more space in the 7 pages, but 
this is important.    (04)

-- Ken    (05)

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