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Re: [oor-forum] OOR Team Conference Call

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From: Evan Wallace <ewallace@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 04 Mar 2008 14:20:32 -0500
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Peter Yim wrote:
> ALL:  Maybe this is a good time to solicit input from everyone ...
> please advice what are good time slots for you?
> Kindly reply to this thread with a few preferences (especially if you
> aren't going to be at the call tomorrow.)
> Thanks & regards.  =ppy
> --
> _    (01)

I agree with Farrukh on generally keeping the meetings within 60 minutes and
only holding them when you have sufficient agenda material.  Some
available time-slots in my schedule are:
Monday  11AM - 5:30 PM ET
Tuesday  10AM - 5:30 PM ET
Thursday 10AM-12 noon  ET
Friday    10AM - 5:30 PM ET    (02)

Wednesday is best avoided altogether.    (03)

-Evan    (04)

Evan K. Wallace, coChair OMG Ontology PSIG and ODM FTF
Manufacturing Systems Integration Division
NIST    (05)

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