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In case you have not seen the call for participation, see below.


I believe OOR would be a topic of considerable interest to this audience. If anyone is interested in speaking about OOR at the conference, please let me know.




11th Annual Open Forum for Metadata Registries


Metadata DownUnder - Metadata, Semantics and Interoperability in Practice

Sydney, NSW Australia 19 - 22 May 2008


This Open Forum is the eleventh annual forum in a series of international conferences about topics related to metadata, registries, semantics, interoperability and related standards and information management practices. It is a cross cutting metadata event - a metadata bazaar, with many metadata aspects and perspectives represented. This forum will focus on the interoperability of metadata and semantics in prototype and operational systems. Sectors where information and data interchange and re-use are critical, such as healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, statistics and the environment will be included. Read more...


Conference Background

The Metadata OpenForum provides a forum for information exchange across a wide range of metadata application areas, covering metadata standards in use, current standards developments, new standards research and directions to support emerging needs. Application areas include transport systems, health, manufacturing, statistics, government, defence, and e-commerce. Standards have included those related to spatial metadata, terminology, ebXML, metadata registries, Dublin Core, DDI (Data Documentation Initiative) and Data Warehousing (CWM). Read more...


For more information, see: http://www.metadataopenforum.org/


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