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Re: [ontology-summit] {quality-methodology} Building Ontologies to Meet

To: Ontology Summit 2013 discussion <ontology-summit@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
From: David Price <dprice@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2013 10:53:01 +0000
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On 20 Jan 2013, at 08:50, Matthew West wrote:    (01)

> Dear Colleagues,
> This is the opening post for Track C: Building Ontologies to Meet Evaluation
> Criteria.
> When you make posts on this track please us the {quality-methodology} label
> in the subject line as I have above.
> Background
> There are two approaches to assuring the quality of an ontology: 
> 1. Measure the quality of the result against the requirements that it should
> meet and fix the defects.
> 2. Use a process or methodology to ensure the quality of the resultant
> ontology. 
> That is, Proactive versus Reactive.    (02)

Is there really anyone doing ontology development as part of a software 
application that does not do both? If so, I'd question their approach.    (03)

Doing both is completely normal for software development, why is there an 
assumption that ontology development is any different?    (04)

> The advantage of using a methodology are that you get it (or at least more
> of it) right first time, thus avoiding the cost of rework to fix the
> defects.    (05)

A good methodology hopefully reduces the number of defects and cost of rework, 
but no methodology can completely avoid defects. Also, my experience is that a 
good methodology *includes* testing against requirements, so in fact 1 is part 
of 2. In fact some methodologies that can be tailored for ontology dev in the 
context of a software app, e.g. Test Driven Development, are actually driven by 
1.    (06)

David    (07)

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