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Date: Sun, 20 Jan 2013 10:00:31 -0000
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Dear Colleagues,
This is the opening post for Track C: Building Ontologies to Meet Evaluation
When you make posts on this track please us the {quality-methodology} label
in the subject line as I have above.    (01)

There are two approaches to assuring the quality of an ontology: 
1. Measure the quality of the result against the requirements that it should
meet and fix the defects.
2. Use a process or methodology to ensure the quality of the resultant
That is, Proactive versus Reactive.
The advantage of using a methodology are that you get it (or at least more
of it) right first time, thus avoiding the cost of rework to fix the
- Do such methodologies exist for ontologies?
- How mature are they? 
- Do they take account of different ontology roles, lifecycles?
- Do they take account of the different usages of ontologies
  - As applications
  - As integrating ontologies between applications?    (02)

We hope to investigate the state of the art in ontology development
methodologies in respect of how they contribute to ontology quality,
including key achievements and gaps that currently exist.    (03)

Achievements: what's there? 
Gaps: what's not there?     (04)

Our objectives include:
1. Examine the explicit and implicit methodologies that are known to exist. 
2. Understand the role that upper ontologies play in ontology development
3. Understand the role of ontological patterns in ontology development
4. Identify how to apply the intrinsic and extrinsic aspects of ontology
evaluation identified by the other tracks, within the applicable development
5. Identifying how to frame the applicable ontology development
methodologies within the frameworks of established quality assurance regimes
(such as ISO 9000 and CMMI) for industrial applications.     (05)

Do you think there are some other objectives we should set ourselves? What
is your experience in these areas?    (06)

As well as the discussion here, we have two virtual sessions on 7 Feb and
March where invited speakers will present on some of the above.    (07)

Matthew West and Mike Bennett
Track C Co-Champions    (08)

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