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Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2012 21:34:30 -0700
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A Mathematical Theory of Systems Engineering: The Elements, , Wymore, A. Wayne, Krieger, Huntington, NY , 1967

A Science of Generic Design, Warfield, J., J., Intersystem Publications, 1990

Amity and Enmity  3-908730-29-5, Starkermann, Rudolph, Editions a la Carte' Zurich, 2003

Archaeology of Knowledge, Foucault, Michel, Barnes and Noble, 1969

Beyond Dispute, Beer, Stafford, Wiley, 1994

Capability Cases, Polikoff, I. et al, Addison-Wesley, 2006

Complexity Measurements of Systems Design, Staley, S. M., Integrated Design and Process Technology, IDPT-Vol. I, 153-161., 1995

Cybernetics, Wiener, Norbert, John Wiley & Sons, 1948

Educating the Reflective Practitioner, Schon, Donald, Jossey-Bass, 1987

Elements of Software Science, Halstead, Maurice , North Holland, 1977

General Principals of Systems Design, Weinberg, Gerald, Dorset House, 1988

Harnessing Complexity, Axelrod, Robert, Free Press, 1999

Intro To General Systems Thinking, Weinberg, Gerald, Dorset House, 2001

Introduction to Cybernetics, Ashby, W. Ross, , 1956

Intuition At Work, Klein, Gary, Currency Doubleday, 2003

Language and Human Behavior, Bickerton, Derek, U. of Washington Press, 1995

Learning, Creating, & Using knowledge, Novak, Joseph , Lawrence Erlbaum Assoc., 1998

Model-based Systems Engineering, Wymore, A. Wayne, CRC Press, 1993

Models of Reality, Richardson, Jacques, Lomond Books, 1984

Optimum Utilization of Knowledge, Boulding-Ed, Kenneth , , 1983

Source of Power: How People Make Decisions, Klein, Gary, MIT Press, 1998

System Engineering, Goode, Harry, McGraw Hill, 1957

Systemantics, Gail, John, General Systemantics Press, 1986

Teaching Design and Designing Teaching, Cardenas, , A. R ,  IDPT-Vol 1, 111-116 , 1995

Understanding Complexity: Thought and Behavior, Warfield, John N., Ajar Publishing, 2002

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