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Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2012 21:08:46 +0000
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I would also suggest:


Hybertson, Duane.  2009. Model-Oriented Systems Engineering Science: A Unifying Framework for Traditional and Complex Systems. Boca Raton, FL: Auerbach Publications. [I am a co-author of Ch. 8 Conceptualization].





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In the telecon today, Rosario mentioned that it would be useful to compile a list of recommended readings for each track.


In terms of complex socio-technical systems, I would suggest the following.


[1] provides a high level overview of socio-technical systems. 


[2] and [3] examine complex socio-technical systems from the perspective of cognitive systems engineering and offer a methodology by which to analyze and model a complex socio-technical system.


[4] and [5], I would like feedback from those more familiar with System of systems literature. Are these good places to start?


[6] was a recommendation from Ernie Lucier that he posted in the session chat.




[1] Günter Ropohl, Philosophy of socio-technical systems, in: Society for Philosophy and Technology, Spring 1999, Volume 4, Number 3,1999.


[2] Rasmussen, J., A. M. Pejtersen, et al. (1994). Cognitive systems engineering. New York, Wiley.


[3] Vicente, K. J. (1999). Cognitive work analysis : toward safe, productive, and healthy computer-based work. Mahwah, N.J., Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.


[4] Jamshidi, Mo (2008). "System of Systems Engineering - New Challenges for the 21' Century." IEEE A&E SYSTEMS MAGAZINE, MAY 2008


[5] Keating, Charles; Rogers, Ralph; Unal, Resit; Dryer, David; et al. (2003). "System of Systems Engineering" Engineering Management Journal; Sep 2003; 15, 3; ABI/INFORM Global


[6] Ultra-Large-Scale Systems: The Software Challenge of the Future 2006, http://www.sei.cmu.edu/library/assets/ULS_Book20062.pdf




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