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To: "Ontology Summit 2008" <ontology-summit@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
From: paola.dimaio@xxxxxxxxx
Date: Tue, 29 Apr 2008 16:46:12 +0700
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Good morning folks,
first, nice to meet you all, (hay, now I know who you are!)
I am grateful for this opportunity and for the interesting
discussions, and thanks
to all who are working to pull it together    (01)

A couple of thoughts on the organization of the summit    (02)

Many participants, including myself, feel that the way the content of
the summit has been organized is a bit restrictive
and constrained, and people are finding it very difficult to make
contributions. 'Openness' is a big subject that needs to be tackled
with adeaquately open processes.    (03)

 For example, the structure of the agenda has been constructed a
priori, precluding the participant to express a preference on their
priorities, and whenever an interesting topic comes up that obviously
needs to be unpacked and extricated, the discussion moves on to the
next topic because the agenda was set up like that.    (04)

There are many interesting people in the room that have something to
say about each issue, and possibly many more issues that they would
like to be brought up, and I think the summit should be organised to
accommodate for such a requirement    (05)

In other conferences we are trying speed talking, that is each person
who has a contribution to make on a certain topic is given
one, two or three minutes to say what they've got to say about it,
strictly on a rotation basis, without any exclusion, and a new
rotation starts each time a new topic starts. for example, if we have
50 people in the room, each should be given one minute to air their
on a particular topic/ This may resctrict somehow the number of topics
that are dealth with in each session, say maximum two topics in a
morning, but it ensures that the topic is dealt with in depth, and
comprehensively.  In my experience, not all of the participation have
something to say anyway, so in aroom of 60 people with good
participation you can expect twenty or thirty intervetions at the most    (06)

Needless to say that in these new 'participatory' models,  the
priority of topics to be discussed are selected by the meeting
participants, and not by the organizers,    (07)

The above is just an example, I hope there are ways that we can
explore new and more suitable formats to help us make the most
of this great opportunity    (08)

:Look forward to the second day
see ya later
cheers    (09)

Paola Di Maio
School of IT
*********************************************    (010)

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