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[ontology-summit] Appeal to Champions of Content Areas

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From: "Michelle Raymond" <michellearaymond@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2008 12:40:21 -0600
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Peter Yim, Michelle Raymond and
Ravi Sharma, Michael Gruninger and Pat Hayes, Barry Smith, Frank Olken    (01)

In the Content Committee Meeting on February 1st
five main topic areas to support the Ontology Summit were determined
and you were nominated to be a Content Champion.    (02)

It would have been best to be able talk with each of you before this
somewhat public request for you participation as Champions of the
Content Areas supporting the OntologySummit2008.  It is my hope that I
shall be able to exchange emails or phone conversations with each of
you soon.  Your standing in the community, knowledge and talents would
greatly aid in the success of the Ontology Summit "Toward an Open
Ontology Repository."    (03)

Champions are knowledgeable in their subject area and provide the
talent to start the discussions, track the discussions and maintain a
synopsis page relating to the discussions.    (04)

It is my dearest hope that each of you will accept the role of Champion and
facilitate the Content coverage throughout the Summit. (Peter, will
you please represent the organizing committee in this effort for the
Summit Focus Content Topics at the Lauch Event?)    (05)

The OntologySummit2008 Launch Event is fast approaching.  It is
tomorrow! http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?ConferenceCall_2008_02_07    (06)

SteveRay will moderate and announce the five main areas.
Each Champion will then have the opportunity to say a few words.  This
is an opportunity for the Champions spend a few minutes promoting
their topic area and suggesting threads for discussion.    (07)

As you have time available, please
  - check the outline of our current collection of suggested topics and refine
the list of topics under your purview
(if  possible before the Launch Event)
  - provide a statement on your main topic area and the topics you
hope to see addressed in that area.  (This statement could then be
used at the Launch Event, on your synopsis pages, in your discussion
thread kickoff, etc...)
  - if you have a PowerPoint slide or two on your subject area that
could be included in the Launch Event slide deck, please send it to
Peter Yim, otherwise a placeholder slide will be inserted.    (08)

The five main topics and Champions are:
* Communiqué and Mission Statement - champions to come from Organizing Group
* Ontology Repository Architecture - championed by MichelleRaymond and
* Ontology of Ontologies - championed by MichaelGruninger and PatHayes
* Quality Metrics - championed by BarrySmith
* State of the Art Repository Work - championed by FrankOlken    (09)

The topic area indicators for the discussion threads and associated
Synopsis pages (which are linked from
* [Summit-Focus]  - OntologySummit2008_SummitFocus
* [Repository-Arch]  - OntologySummit2008_RepositoryArchitecture
* [Ont-of-Ont] - OntologySummit2008_OntologyOfOntologies
* [Quality-Metric] - OntologySummit2008_QualityMetric
* [State-of-Art] - OntologySummit2008_StateOfArt    (010)

Best regards,    (011)

Michelle Raymond    (012)

Principal Research Scientist
Honeywell ACS Labs    (013)

I shall have some email access in the evening (Wednesday, February 6,
Central Standard Time) and can be reached most any time via cell
phone: 612-703-9825.  Any questions or comments - don't hesitate to
call and/or email.    (014)

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