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[ontology-summit] Launch Event and Discussion Content Support

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From: "Michelle Raymond" <michellearaymond@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2008 12:05:14 -0600
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Folks,    (01)

In the Content Committee Meeting on February 1st
we determined five main topic areas and champions to start the
discussions, track the discussions and maintain a synopsis page
relating to the discussions.    (02)

At the Launch Event, the five main topic areas (top level of the
discussion threads) that support the Summit theme "Toward an Open
Ontology Repository" will be announced.  We all look forward to your
participation in the discussions.    (03)

The five main topics and Champions are:
* Communiqué and Mission Statement - champions to come from Organizing Group
* Ontology Repository Architecture - championed by MichelleRaymond and
* Ontology of Ontologies - championed by MichaelGruninger and PatHayes
* Quality Metrics - championed by BarrySmith
* State of the Art Repository Work - championed by FrankOlken    (04)

* The current collection of suggested topics can be found at
* Each main topic will have its own Objective statement
that supports the objective of the Summit as a whole
* The Champions will provide a working statement on their
main topic area and the topics they hope to see addressed in that
area.    (05)

Come attend the OntologySummit2008 Launch Event
to participate in the first verbal discussion shaped by the Summit
Objective AND, participate in the discussion threads that will spring
from that discussion.  It is by whole community input that we shall
move toward a viable, supported Open Ontology Repository.    (06)

Before the Launch, I shall write a short "instructional" statement on
how to indicate a new thread is intended for one of the five main
topic areas when
posting to the OntologySummit2008 discussion list.  So look for that
message later today (Central Standard Time).    (07)

Each main topic will have a Synopsis page and can be used to view
topic overviews, jump into and from discussion threads and represent
the community based direction developed through the discussions.    (08)

The topic area indicators for the discussion threads and associated
Synopsis pages (which are linked from
* [Summit-Focus]  - OntologySummit2008_SummitFocus
* [Repository-Arch]  - OntologySummit2008_RepositoryArchitecture
* [Ont-of-Ont] - OntologySummit2008_OntologyOfOntologies
* [Quality-Metric] - OntologySummit2008_QualityMetric
* [State-of-Art] - OntologySummit2008_StateOfArt    (09)

We all look forward to your participation.    (010)

Best regards,    (011)

Michelle Raymond    (012)

Principal Research Scientist
Honeywell ACS Labs    (013)

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