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Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2008 16:43:26 -0600
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"Toward an Open Ontology Repository"

Content Committee


Committee members as of January 26, 2008: MichelleRaymond (chair), LeoObrst, MichaelGruninger, BarrySmith, RexBrooks, PatHayes, RaviSharma, PeterYim  

Content Committee - Step One (Structure for Discussion Topics)


Objective: Provide an information structure for topics initially opened for discussion to be announced at the OntologySummit2008 Launch Event.


It is recommended we have an initial information structure for relevant topic areas of interest.


Creating the topic structure ensures that we have a manageable, focused start of discussions that are relevant toward an open ontology repository.  Presenting the topic structure to the Ontolog community is intended to initiate involvement in the discussion list and provide a focus for topic synopsis Wiki pages.


Discussions in these topic areas of interest, if shown to also be of interest to the community by their participation in the topic threads, will then feed the content of associated topic synopsis pages.  These topic synopsis pages will be maintained by Content Committee members or other volunteers.  The pages themselves will also serve as fodder for further discussion threads.  This process will aid in keeping discussion threads on topics leading toward an open ontology repository. 


However it is inevitable, as a result of collaborative discourse, the discussion lists will develop threads that may suggest new topics. As our exchanges progress, we can adapt the topic areas as the focus of the dialogs indicate, providing the new topics are moving us toward an open ontology repository. 


Through out the process leading up to the face-to-face in April, we can add new topic synopsis pages and their associated keepers.  Also, if needed, we can deprecate or morph topic synopsis pages.

Step One Process

Toward creating the initial structure for topics, I suggest listing the topics fitting the following criteria:

1)      The topic has been expressed to be of interest (.i.e. somebody cares about this topic enough to participate in its discussion and perhaps enough to be the keeper of a synopsis page covering the topic.)  

2)      The topic is important in moving us toward an open ontology repository.


Once we have a list of topics, the topics should be sorted, merged, reduced, grouped, clarified, and (hopefully) agreed upon and (even more hopefully) claimed by a topic synopsis keeper.


Ideally we should complete the topic structure, and perhaps seed the discussion threads, before the OntologySummit2008 Launch Event on Tuesday 2008.02.07 ~1.5 Hr. starting at 1:30pm ET / 10:30am PT / 7:30pm CET /18:30 GMT/UTC.

Starting Point

Toward having a start for the topic structure, I've compiled a list of 50 topic suggestions gleaned from meetings, notes, slide sets and available throughout the Ontolog Wiki as well as augmenting with a few interests of my own.  I then took the list and put it into a "straw man" structure, without removing or merging any of the listed topics.  These items appear in my follow on message.


The suggested approach is that each content committee member (via email exchange):

§         Review the list and add relevant topics of interest.

§         Clarify and discus any topics considered ambiguous.

§         Suggest items that should be removed because they are not relevant topics of interest toward an open ontology repository.

§         Review, revise or replace the "straw man" structure of topics.

§         Put your name next to topics for which you'd be willing to act as the Keeper of the Topic Synopsis Page. (or suggest someone whom you think would be willing and able to act in the role of Keeper.)


It is likely we could benefit from a teleconference before the Launch.  Steve Ray has offered to set this up.  If you have good/bad days/times let Steve know or he will just get to pick a time that works for him. 


I look forward to a lively email exchange amongst the committee members and others who wish to join the committee.  Of-course, others can always put their 2 bits worth in and you don't have to be a Content Committee member to volunteer to be Keeper of a Topic Synopsis Page.


Best regards,





OntologySummit2008 ContentCommittee Chair

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