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Dear Leo,
[Opinion on]
Everything is a concept: entities, relations among them, properties, attributes, even many instances/individuals (days of the week; Joe Montana; etc.) Especially when you think of concept in animal mental apparatus as a placeholder for something real in the real world (I am a realist). Sure, I have a concept for 'Joe Montana'. Is that concept a general notion, i.e., a class of something? No.
The general problem (from my perspective) is that we are typically always addressing two perspectives: 1) ontology, i.e., what exists in the world? and 2) semantics, i.e., what is the relationship between our ways of talking/thinking and those things in the world? To me it's clear that we are talking about (1) things of the world, but our language (and our thought, I would say) interposes another layer or two. I would say there are minimally 3 things: 1) our language (terms and compositions of terms), 2) the senses of terms (and their compositions) which we might characterize as concepts, and 3) real world referents that those senses or concepts somehow point to. In formal semantics, a good theory of reference (i.e., (3)) is hard to come by.
[Opinion off]
I have the same view of concept as you do, as it happens. However, I notice that this is not universally held by any means, and also that there is controversy attached to the term. For this reason I would prefer not to use it. So far I have found I can always manage that.


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