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Date: Tue, 03 Apr 2007 12:14:01 -0700
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John F. Sowa wrote Tue, 03 Apr 2007 15:01:04 -0400:    (02)

> Debbie and Tom,    (03)

> In various forums over the years, many of the people who subscribe
> to this list have been discussing the use of various kinds of tools
> that have been developed for representing and using metadata, of
> which ontologies are a very important part.    (04)

> In particular, the ISO committee that is responsible for the
> Common Logic standard (currently in the FDIS stage) has the title
> "Metadata", and most of their time is devoted to developing,
> maintaining, and extending the ISO/IEC 11179 standard for Metadata
> Registries (MDR).  Following is their home page:    (05)

>      http://metadata-standards.org/11179/
>      ISO/IEC 11179 Information Technology, Metadata Registries    (06)

> The issues about developing, maintaining, using, reusing, and
> sharing ontologies are a special case of the issues that have
> been addressed by these groups for a long time.    (07)

> It is essential that we coordinate with and build on that work
> instead of reinventing another half-baked wheel.
> John    (08)

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