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[ontology-summit] definition, dimension, framework

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Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2007 11:11:59 +0700
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Thanks for inviting me to this forumg    (01)

just joined this discussion, and catching up with status
A few things I have been wanting to say for a long time, glad to have
the chance now to discuss    (02)

1. definition
 I have my preferences as to what definition I like best. Possibly all
of the other definitions are also good in their relevant context
Considered that more than one definition is possibly 'true' -  I
maintain that best definition of ontology, as a verbal expression to
define the meaning of the word,must fit the goal and purpose of the
ontology itself, so basically depending on what you need the ontology
for, then the ontology definition would have different
slant/interpretation    (03)

2.Dimension- I have a problem when people refer to RDF and FOAF and
other xml schemas as 'ontology' (refute!). Can someone provide me with
the rationale? By what definition?  Feels very odd to me,    (04)

3. Framework: I have been researching UFO, as a possible unifying
framework ( to answer
a point earlier). I think it is still potentially understated and
undertested, but in principle from what I understand  it aims to offer
a superstructure to align knowledge, sources, grammars etc.. I hope
something usable (beyond just the theory)  is going to be published
soon that people can start working with it, I although I can see there
is a lot of work to be done there (frown) both in term of making the
UFO clear, undestandable and solid, and in terms of making people
accept a possible new shift towards a conceptual supergeneraiization,
which I can understand that people may fear. I think I'd like to try
there. I'd like to propose it as a framework for discussion at the
forum,    (05)

Let me have your comments
(looking for flame retardant suit in closet)    (06)

Paola Di Maio    (07)

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