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To: Amanda Vizedom <amanda.vizedom@xxxxxxxxx>
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From: Ted Thibodeau Jr <tthibodeau@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 29 Dec 2015 12:04:43 -0500
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On Dec 29, 2015, at 09:08 AM, Amanda Vizedom <amanda.vizedom@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:    (01)

> - If you don't have and don't want a Google account, let me know and I will 
>add you directly.    (02)

Amanda, all --    (03)

Anyone with or without a Google account can simply send an email 
message to --    (04)

   ontolog-invitation+subscribe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx    (05)

That will result in a confirmation message from --    (06)

   ontolog-invitation+subconfirm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx    (07)

This message will include a link that works for people with 
Google accounts, but people without such can simply *reply 
to the message* to confirm their subscription request.    (08)

The above applies to any Google Group, just changing the
group name at the start of the mail address(es).    (09)

Be seeing you,    (010)

Ted    (011)

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