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To: "Amanda Vizedom" <amanda.vizedom@xxxxxxxxx>
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From: "doug foxvog" <doug@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 29 Dec 2015 11:27:21 -0500
Message-id: <46d7e90e9660bddb649bb7d6dab139d5.squirrel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
You have to be logged in to Google to see the "Join" button.  I didn't see
it, but clicked the Google Login button & after logging in, the same page
appeared with the button present.  After logging out, the "Join" button
was absent again.    (01)

-- doug    (02)

On Tue, December 29, 2015 09:08, Amanda Vizedom wrote:
> Dear All,
> Some people are seeing a large "Join" button at the top of the landing
> page
> at  https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/ontolog-invitation, but some
> are not.  If you see a join button, all you need to do is click it, and
> you
> will be added to the group.
> I've not been able, yet, to determine for certain why some don't get the
> "Join" button. My best guess, however, is that even though the group is
> set
> to "public" and "anyone may join", it may be the case that joining via the
> web interface requires signing in with a Google account. It definitely
> isn't necessary to use a gmail account, nor is any Google account needed
> to
> become a member via direct addition. It's possible, though, that the web
> interface requires some sign in.
> For those who are not seeing the "Join" button, then, there are a couple
> of
> immediate options:
> - Sign in with a Google account (taking a minute to create one if you
> don't
> have one already. Note that you can associate any email address with such
> an account; you won't have to use gmail). If you do this, then go to the
> group landing page (or refresh if still there) and still do not see a
> "Join" button, please let me know.
> - If you don't have and don't want a Google account, let me know and I
> will
> add you directly.
> Thanks,
> Amanda
> On Sat, Dec 26, 2015 at 1:16 PM, Amanda Vizedom <amanda.vizedom@xxxxxxxxx>
> wrote:
>> Dear Colleague,
>> You are receiving this message because you are a current subscriber to
>> the
>> ontolog-invitation@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx This list is moving from cim3
>> hosting to a Google Group, in light of Peter Yim's retirement and the
>> cessation of cim3.net services.
>> In order to continue receiving invitations and announcements from
>> ontolog-invitation, without interruption, please go to
>> https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/ontolog-invitation
>> and join the group.
>> You will be subscribed immediately; no administrator approval is
>> required.
>> Should you wish to post to the group, now or in the future, contact the
>> group administrators and request "contributor" status (posting
>> permission).
>> If you do not have web access to Google Groups, please reply to me
>> off-list and I will add you directly.
>> For those who have experienced the migration of other Ontolog lists and
>> may be wondering about the differences, some explanation appears under
>> the
>> dashed line below.
>> Thank you for your patience and cooperation.
>> Best Regards,
>> Amanda Vizedom
>> (on behalf of the Ontolog Board of Trustees and
>> ontolog-invitation administrators)
>> ----------------
>> Why ontolog-invitation migration differs from that of other Ontolog
>> groups:
>> Ontolog-invitation is intended to support dissemination of event
>> invitations and announcements, not only to Ontolog's primary membership,
>> but also to a broader community of interested parties. This purpose has
>> been best served by limiting ontolog-invitation content to the sharing
>> of
>> such announcements (in contrast to other Ontolog groups, where
>> discussion
>> is encouraged).
>> Correspondingly, ontolog-invitation has a substantially larger
>> subscriber
>> base than do other Ontolog community lists. Most subscribers use
>> ontolog-invitation as a means of receiving announcements of interest. A
>> small percentage of subscribers also post such messages.
>> Posting permission needs some gatekeeping, in order to continue
>> ontolog-invitation as a low-volume, spam-free group.  Since all of our
>> content is public, no such control is needed over the receiving of
>> messages. Thus, for ontolog-invitation, it makes sense to distinguish
>> posting members from general members and to exercise some control over
>> the
>> former while opening the doors widely to the latter.
>> Finally, the size of Ontolog-invitation's subscriber base is such that
>> it
>> would take several months for group administrators to directly add all
>> members, given the daily limit on such additions to free groups. Thus,
>> it
>> helps greatly if members can (and do) join the group themselves.
>> The above considerations lead to a different optimal configuration:
>> - anyone may join, without the need for action by administrators
>> - only contributors (members who have "contributor" status) may post
>> - any member may request "contributor" status; a group administrator
>> must
>> approve and make the change
>> - subscribers to the old list are requested to add themselves to the new
>> group
>> After some reasonable response period, we will resume direct-adding
>> current subscribers who have not joined themselves. However, given the
>> size
>> of the subscriber base and the daily-add limits, messages are certain to
>> be
>> missed before any given member can be added in this way. Current
>> subscribers are, therefore, strongly encouraged to take the initiative
>> and
>> add themselves to the group.
> --
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> content license, open publication license, open source or free software
> license. Unless otherwise specified, all Ontolog Forum content shall be
> subject to the Creative Commons CC-BY-SA 4.0 License or its successors.
> ---
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> "ontolog-forum" group.
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> email to ontolog-forum+unsubscribe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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