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[ontolog-forum] Prospects made into Customers and Vice Versa

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Date: Sat, 24 Oct 2015 09:10:34 -0700
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Dear Tom


I would like to recapitulate your example of the company that has two divisions A and B.  B treats all prospects as customers while A distinguishes customers as those who have actually bought something in the past. 


The boss tells A division mgrs to up the customer count. So the A boss has the distinction changed so that people who have NEVER bought, but who are known by A, are now treated as customers just like the B division mgrs do it. 


While that change seems very normal and natural for a business to do that in trying to wrap its processes around the tax and risk constraints it has to deal with, it also seems like an untruth, since the English language says Prospects are not the same as Customers. 


How do you philosophers in the crowd deal with that kind of change of definition into something every business knows is just plain incorrect?



Rich Cooper,

Rich Cooper,


Chief Technology Officer,

MetaSemantics Corporation

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