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Date: Sun, 19 Apr 2015 07:40:56 -0400
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All,    (01)

Matilde Marcolli at Caltech teaches a course in Computational 
Linguistics. The website lists an impressive array of foundational 
material for a '100 level course. See "Additional Reading" and 
"Additional references".:
> http://www.its.caltech.edu/~matilde/CS101Winter2015.html    (02)

The course, CS101: Mathematical and Computational Linguistic, inherits 
its material from linguistics but also borrows from the new field of 
Complex Systems analysis. As far as I know, there are no courses in 
systems analysis for ontologies. Schools are adding new directions to 
their structure. See U.Michigan's "Center for the Study of Complex 
Systems" and MIT's "Institute for Data, Systems, and Society".    (03)

I can't help but imagine what a comparable course in ontology would look 
like. For me a person's ideas lurk behind linguistics and these are part 
and parcel of ontologies. Yet we have few studies that discuss the 
interface between them. Language is often tied to speech yet it is more 
loosely related than ontologies. There also needs to be an examination 
of how new explorations can be used to reveal the structure and uses of 
ontologies. Even traditional case studies and interviews might be useful 
here in addition to crowd sourcing approaches.    (04)

The studies of ontology are lacking in comprehensive curriculum and even 
the few that exist are not keeping pace with the new direction in 
complex analysis. There are book abounding on the history of AI and the 
Semantic Web documentation is extensive. It is time for a '100 level 
course in Ontology.    (05)

-John Bottoms
  Concord, MA USA    (06)

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