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******************Please excuse the cross postings******************

DCMI/ASIST Joint Webinar: 
From 0 to 60 on SPARQL queries in 50 minutes

:: Presenter: Ethan Gruber
:: Date: Wednesday, 13 May 2015
:: Time: 10:00am-11:15am EDT (UTC 14:00 - World Clock: http://bit.ly/Webinar-Ethan_Gruber)


This webinar provides an introduction to SPARQL, a query language for RDF. Users will gain hands on experience crafting queries, starting simply, but evolving in complexity. These queries will focus on coinage data in the SPARQL endpoint hosted by http://nomisma.org: numismatic concepts defined in a SKOS-based thesaurus and physical specimens from three major museum collections (American Numismatic SocietyBritish Museum, and Münzkabinett of the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin) linked to these concepts. Results generated from these queries in the form of CSV may be imported directly into Google Fusion Tables for immediate visualization in the form of charts and maps. 

Redux: This webinar was first presented as a training session in the LODLAM Training Day at SemTech2014. 


Ethan Gruber is the Web and Database Developer for the American Numismatic Society (ANS). With almost ten years of experience in digital humanities and cultural heritage Web development projects, Ethan is responsible for developing a new public interface for the society's collections of objects and archives. He is the chief architect of Numishare, an open-source framework for delivering coin collections online and various ANS projects which implement this software: Online Coins of the Roman Empire and Coin Hoards of the Roman Republic.

For more information and to register FREE, visit the event webpage:

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