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The recent post "Become the OntologySME" and the story mentioned therein was interesting, and touches on a question I've had for a while.

If anyone can give their thoughts, thank you.

Q1: Are there any sources that discuss the role of SMEs in ontology development?

Q2: If a domain ontology, say of some medical of biological subject, does not have one or more practicing SMEs, do you consider that to be a problem?
(I do)

Q3: To what degree do you believe non-SME ontology developers negatively have or do affect the representations of the domain, either via (a) (un)intentionally trying to represent domain content/entities/phenomena using their own metaphysical world view or that of a particular stripe in philosophy despite it clashing with domain science, or (b) limited understanding of the domain affecting the faithfullness/accuracy of the representation and models?


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