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Call for Papers    (01)

7th Workshop on Formal Ontologies meet Industry (FOMI 2015)     (02)

5. August 2015, Freie Universitaet Berlin, Berlin, Germany    (03)

http://www.csw.inf.fu-berlin.de/fomi2015/    (04)

co-located with RuleML 2015     (05)

FOMI is an international forum where academic researchers and industrial
practitioners meet to analyse and discuss application issues related to
methods, theories, tools and applications based on formal ontologies. Today
there is wide agreement that knowledge modelling and the semantic dimension
of information plays an increasingly central role in the networked economy:
semantic-based applications aim to provide a framework for information and
knowledge sharing, reliable information exchange, meaning negotiation and
coordination between distinct organizations or among members of the same
organization. Often, theoretical ideas seem very promising but their actual
implementation brings up unexpected problems and issues. The FOMI 2015
Workshop aims to discuss problems, solutions, perspectives and research
directions for both researchers and practitioners. We welcome papers or
project descriptions that are aimed at applying formal ontologies in
industry. In particular:    (06)

- theoretical studies on formal ontologies committed to provide sound bases
for industrial applications and to allow formal representation of corporate
- business experiences on case studies that single out concrete problems and
possible solutions; the experience analysis should provide useful insights
on social or strategic aspects that might be relevant in the creation and
deployment of formal ontologies as well as useful criteria or methods to
evaluate ontologies and their effectiveness in applications.    (07)

Conference Topics
-----------------    (08)

The following is not an exhaustive list.    (09)

Problems in ontology application:    (010)

- practical issues in using ontologies in the enterprise -real cases of
successful/unsuccessful use of ontology in business
- from legacy systems to the new ontology-driven systems
- ontology evaluation
- ontology for learning organizations
- ontology for business processes and practices
- enterprise modeling and business models
- ontology for service science and service values     (011)

Ontology and knowledge management:    (012)

- ontology and ontological methodologies in knowledge management
- adaptation of ontologies for companies and organizations
- ontology interoperability
- ontology development and change within organizations
- ontology effectiveness and evaluation
- ontology-driven representation of products, services, functionalities,
design, processes
- ontologies for the know-how
- ontologies for corporate knowledge
- linguistic representation in organizational knowledge
- ontology based content creation    (013)

Ontology in practice:    (014)

- ontologies for electronic catalogues, e-commerce, e-government
- ontologies for marketing
- ontologies for finance
- ontologies for medical sciences
- ontologies for engineering
- ontologies for public administration
- copyright and privacy issues in ontology based systems    (015)

Submissions and important dates
--------------------------------    (016)

The papers should be submitted to EasyChair    (017)

Deadline for paper submissions: 13 April 2015 Notification of acceptance: 10
May, 2015 Camera ready submission: 25 May 2015
Workshop: 5 August 2015    (018)

Submission guidelines
---------------------    (019)

The proceedings will be published as a volume in Springer’s LNBIP series.
Submitted original papers written in English must not exceed 12 pages
(including the bibliography) and include an abstract of no more than 150
words.  Papers should be prepared in accordance with the “Information for
LNBIP Authors” guidelines found at http://www.springer.com/series/7911.
Papers must be submitted non-anonymously at Easychair
https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=fomi2015. To ensure high quality,
submitted papers will be carefully peer-reviewed by 3 PC members based on
originality, significance, technical soundness, and clarity of exposition.     (020)

Workshop Chairs
----------------    (021)

Roberta Cuel, University of Trento, Italy Bob Young, Loughborough
University, UK     (022)

Program Committee
------------------    (023)

Francesco Bellomi, Creactives GmbH, Germany 
Stefano Borgo, ISTC-CNR Laboratory for Applied Ontology, Italy 
Matteo Cristani, University of Verona, Italy 
Soumaya El Kadiri, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland 
Roberta Ferrario ISTC-CNR Laboratory for Applied Ontology, Italy 
Nicola Guarino, ISTC-CNR Laboratory for Applied Ontology, Italy 
Michael Gruninger, University of Toronto, Canada 
Riichiro Mizoguchi, Research Center for Service Science, JAIST, Japan 
Alessandro Oltramari, CyLab, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA 
Sonja Pajkovska-Goceva, Fraunhofer IPK, Berlin, Germany 
Adam Pease, IPsoft, San Francisco, USA 
Harald Sack, Hasso Plattner Institut, Potsdam, Germany 
Aleksandra Sojic, ITIA-CNR, Milan, Italy 
Walter Terkaj, ITIA-CNR, Milan, Italy 
Tania Tudorache, Stanford University, USA 
Hans Weigand, Tilburg School of Economics and Management, Netherlands 
Marco Zamarian, University of Trento, Italy      (024)

Workshop Venue
--------------------------    (025)

The workshop is co-located with the 9th International Web Rule Symposium
(RuleML 2015) 
Freie Universität Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Website: http://2015.ruleml.org    (026)

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