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On 3/2/15 8:26 AM, John F Sowa wrote:
> Yes, but...
> There are serious security issues.  Note the quotation below.
> The challenge is to make systems easier to use for legitimate
> users, while keeping out the bad guys.
> John
> _____________________________________________________________
> "I have spent a lot of time breaking the Internet of Things," Lyne told
> the audience.
>   From networked power switches in our homes to CCTV systems streaming
> video of stores and schools, these "smart" devices are being sold with
> astonishingly outdated security, Lyne said.
> Most IoT devices hit the market with security technology reminiscent of
> 2004, Lyne said. Hackers simply write scripts to find vulnerable
> devices, then commandeer them to infiltrate individuals, companies and
> public institutions.
> That's just the beginning. "There are more serious prospects coming," he
> said, describing a penetration test that revealed the ease with which a
> cybercriminal could cripple a power station.
> People aren't getting hacked by super viruses, Lyne said. It's just
> run-of-the-mill attacks that are only successful because users, and
> often vendors, fail to implement basic best practices.    (01)

Amen!    (02)

Regards,    (03)

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