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[ontolog-forum] master data vs. ontologies

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From: Erick Antezana <erick.antezana@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2015 12:30:19 +0100
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I need some help to better define the line (sometimes apparently grey) between master data and ontologies.

We all, at least in this forum, know that there are several definitions for both terms. 

I guess most of us are familiar with Gruber's one: a formal specification of a shared conceptualization.

In the case of master data: 

- 'entities, relationships, and attributes that are critical for an enterprise and foundational to a key business process and application systems' 

or among others: 

- 'is the consistent and uniform set of identifiers and extended attributes that describes the core entities of an enterprise'.

What are the key components to differenciate master data and ontologies? 

What is common to both artefacts?

From what I have seen, sometimes the border between them seems indeed relatively grey... which seems to be the product of having ontologies as glue components of disparate master data. Also, there seems to be a continuum between them (as in the databases and knowledge base thread in this forum). Anyway, I would appraciate reading your thoughts about it.


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