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[ontolog-forum] It's not data, it's structure

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From: Patrik Eklund <peklund@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 03 Sep 2014 10:12:46 +0300
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It's not "data science", ss important in language, ontology, knowledge 
and dialogue. It's "structure science", and this discipline is not even 
recognized.    (01)

I wrote something a while ago about "not big data, but big structure", 
and in this case "big" is less, if at all, connected to computing and 
engineering.    (02)

In nomenclature it is quite clear to me that it is not about 
"nomenclature data", but about "nomenclature structure". Similarly, it's 
not about "attribute data", but about "attribute structure". Database 
typing of data is fine, but all too simple to support more elaborate 
structure. I often say that XML Schema binds structure more to data, 
whereas XML File gives you more freedom. This is just a simple XML 
remark, but this is also about the distinction between data and 
structure, or between computing and logic for that matter.    (03)

The same goes for clouds. If we speak "photo", it's data, but if we 
speak "image", it's not just data, but also structure. Do data centers 
store photos or images? You tell me. I think they store mostly photos, 
so that's "big data". But that's another story. That is basically just 
about storing and retrieving.    (04)

Structure. That's what it's all about (at least for ontology).    (05)

Cheers,    (06)

Patrik    (07)

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