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Re: [ontolog-forum] Differential Logic and Dynamic Systems

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From: Jon Awbrey <jawbrey@xxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2014 18:14:57 -0400
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Hi Gang,    (01)

Here's a couple of shorter pieces on Differential Logic:    (02)

Differential Logic : Introduction
☞http://intersci.ss.uci.edu/wiki/index.php/Differential_Logic_:_Introduction    (03)

Differential Propositional Calculus
☞http://intersci.ss.uci.edu/wiki/index.php/Differential_Propositional_Calculus    (04)

The formatting and graphics should be much improved
over the last time most of you have seen this stuff.    (05)

Jon    (06)

Jon Awbrey wrote:
 > Ontologgers,
 > Here is a link to the current version of my main work
 > on Differential Logic, looking toward applications in the
 > qualitative analysis of dynamic systems and especially to
 > my pet project on "inquiry driven systems".  I put in some
 > time last year upgrading the math formatting to whatever the
 > MediaWiki version of LaTeX will bear.  Some of the graphics
 > are still in the mushed-over state brought about by a platform
 > change from Mac to Windows, but I hope to fix those by Fall or
 > Winter.
 > Regards and a good summer to all,
 > Jon
 >    (07)

--     (08)

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