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Date: Wed, 25 Jun 2014 21:21:23 +0000
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A reminder that this takes place tomorrow! Please join us.


Leo & Amanda

On behalf of the Ontolog Board of Trustees


From: Obrst, Leo J.
Sent: Tuesday, June 24, 2014 5:52 PM
To: Ontolog Invitation (ontolog-invitation@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
Subject: Reminder: ONTOLOG Going Forward: session this Thu 2014.06.26 with ONTOLOG Board of Trustees




You are invited to join us this Thursday, 26-June-2014, to discuss the

next phase of ONTOLOG, at which the ONTOLOG Board of Trustees (BoT)

will be introduced. Members from this newly established Board will

present their vision on how they see Ontolog going forward.


= ONTOLOG Going Forward - Thu 2014.06.26=


* Date: Thu 26-June-2014

* start-time: 9:30am PDT / 12:30pm EDT / 5:30pn BST / 6:30pm CEST / 16:30 UTC

** ref. world clock -


* Duration: ~2 Hrs.

* Session page: http://ontolog-02.cim3.net/wiki/Conference_2014_06_26


Expected Attendees: All interested parties in the ontology and related

communities, Ontolog Forum members, and Ontolog Board of Trustees (BoT)



Session Chairs: Dr. Leo Obrst and Dr. Amanda Vizedom




* Chairs will introduce the session and the Ontolog Board of Trustees (BoT).

* The BoT Terms of Reference will be presented. See:


... ''(developing!)''

* Following this, each BoT member will individually present his/her

vision and plans for the future of Ontolog in its Phase-2 operations.

* A general community discussion will follow.




This session, like all Ontolog virtual events, are open and free of

charge. Anyone who is interested, or (better still) who may have

something to contribute, is welcome. Please refer to event details on

the session pages, to which the hyperlink is given above, where you

will find session agenda, conference call dial-in, slides and other

pertinent information. Feel free to pass this invitation along to

colleagues who may also find these sessions to be of interest.


*RSVP* by emailing the co-chairs (lobrst[at]mitre.org and

amanda.vizedom[at]gmail.com) offline (or add yourself directly to the

session page if you are already an Ontolog community member) so that

we can prepare enough resources to support everyone. [Please state

clearly the date of the session you are registering for in your



These sessions will be recorded and made available in a publicly

accessible archive. Therefore, before participating, please make sure

you are cognizant of our IPR policy (ref:





Session Co-chairs,

Leo Obrst  and Amanda Vizedom


and Members of the

ONTOLOG Board of Trustees


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