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Date: Sat, 12 Apr 2014 15:07:58 -0400
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Howdy all, I am an information architect on the deep data and business solutions side of the fence. I work heavily in the enterprise content management (ECM) space. I've followed this forum for quite a while but never engaged with the group, as I have been simply learning the language sciences side from you Jedi Masters as it correlates to my techie data architecture roots. 

I'm really interested in the nexus between the philosophical categorization of language and the practical design and implementation of enterprise software solutions. Lots of new players in the BI and analytics arena with wonderful statistical algorithms to derive lots of numbers in context. But context is language and meta-data, and will always be classified as such.

I have been working to connect organization taxonomy to a business rule engine (BRE) logic model. An analyst can design an entire ECM methodology with associated information governance while mapping all of the embedded logic as rule constraints. 

By using a taxonomy-driven approach, an organization can define a content (document and data) type and meta-data structure. Then it can embed organization-wide, cascading business rules as a cloud-based service that's mapped to the taxonomy. Once that's in place, people communicating with each other in as they're working within a process flow can access the embedded business rules within an application.

Another example: an automated approval workflow can be triggered by a timer service detecting the existence of a keyword or hashtag in an internal enterprise social network post.

Anyone else here pushing the tech side inside of an organization's C-level to adopt these kinds of taxonomy-based business automation and such? 

Techies, come out come out wherever you are.

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