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Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2014 10:21:23 -0700
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John Sowa:
As I said before, come back when you have demonstrated that you can
translate every sentence in one page of whatever text you choose
from English to your notation -- *and* somebody who doesn't know
the original can translate it back to a good approximation.  
I  have not forgotten.
John's original suggestion was to translate one page
from Rand's "Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology".
I have not done that because my friends who would
readily volunteer for this experiment have read ITOE.

I am now officially soliciting this Forum for volunteers.
Would any of you like to join me in this experiment?

To give you all some insight into what you would be
volunteering for, I suggest the following protocol.

Volunteer 1, who is to judge the approximation of the
English-to-mKR-to-English version to Rand's original page
may choose any page from ITOE.  You can choose something
that interests you.  You can choose the original 1967
edition (77 pages) or the expanded 1990 edition (314 pages).

Volunteer 2, who is to translate my mKR version back to
English, can use only
http://ContextKnowledgeSystems.org  (about 2 pages)
http://ContextKnowledgeSystems.org/help/keywords.html (about 1 page)
(long but simple with a clickable table of contents)
If you want to, you can ignore these references, and that will be
noted in the experiment log [Volunteer 2 with some experience
or no experience].

Volunteers, please email me off list, indicating whether you want
to be
         Volunteer 1.1967
         Volunteer 1.1990
         Volunteer 2.some experience
         Volunteer 2.no experience
If/when we have agreements, I will post the Volunteers' names on list,
and I will post the results on list when the experiment is finished.

P.S. I just [mentally] changed the file name of the tutorial.  If the above URL
gives you a 404 error, click on the URL below my name.

 Dick McCullough
Context Knowledge Systems
mKR/mKE tutorial

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